Jewelfie Products

Jewelfie is innovative digital solution designed for jewelry retailers. It addresses important challenges faced by today’s jewelers – maximizing returns on digital investments and creating seamless buying experience. With Jewelfie, jewelry retailers can provide continuous and consistent brand experience to their customers across all channels. Jewelfie also helps in creating Omnichannel Presence and provides insights into customer behavior and preferences. Jewelfie is a cloud based platform and can manage multiple channels – store, website, consumer apps, kiosks – simultaneously​

eStore with Virtual Try-On

  • Configurable jewelry website with eCommerce and Virtual Try-On enabled
  • Products & promotions display
  • Inbuilt Google Analytics & SEO settings
  • Optimized for Google Merchant Center
  • Keyword & faceted search

Jewelfie Sales Assist

  • Sales application for store staff
  • iOS, Andriod, Windows 10 based sales application
  • Access to customer profile & buying history
  • Unified view of wishlist from all channels
  • Create sales session for customers
  • Virtual Try-On enabled
  • Offline mode & auto-sync capability
  • Get customer feedback

Jewelfie Mobile Applications

  • iOS, Andriod, Windows 10 based consumer application
  • Digital catalogs, Virtual Try-On and eCommerce
  • Keyword & faceted search
  • Push notifications

Jewelfie Kiosk

  • Windows 10 based application
  • Digital catalogs and product browsing
  • Virtual Try-On enabled
  • Customer sign-in and product shortlist
  • Keyword & faceted search

Jewelfie Marketplace Connectors

  • Publish and link products to marketplaces
  • Centralized price updates for eStore & marketplaces
  • Auto update inventory across all channels
  • Fulfillment of orders from single dashboard
  • Currently supports Amazon, eBay & Flipkart

Shopify Application for Virtual Try-On

  • Add Virtual Try-On to your Shopify store
  • Upload and manage Try-On pictures through single dashboard
  • Get sidebar on eCommerce store for quick access

Jewelfie Admin Portal

  • Centralized catalog, price, inventory & promotions management
  • Reports and analytics dashboards
  • Order management for all sales channels
  • Role based access control
  • Unified view of customer actions across channels